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Stall Stories. A film project exploring the history of London's Street Markets.

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Street markets are a living, breathing part of London's history. They are part of the fabric of the city and each market reflects the character of its neighbourhood. For hundreds of years markets have provided livelihoods for people living in London and a source of affordable (and sometimes luxury) produce and items.

Young people from five schools have made documentaries about their local street markets. They have undertaken historical research at their local archives and, working alongside arts and education charity, digital:works, learnt filming and interview techniques. They have visited their markets to interview traders and shoppers with an emphasis on exploring the history of the markets.

The final films provide a fascinating history of four of London's street markets and Tooting's indoor markets as told by traders and shoppers. The films also provide a vivid snapshot of the markets as they are today.

Each of the films have been shown locally and are available on this website.

The films were shown at the Renoir Cinema in central London on 16th July 2012 and Tooting Market in 2016. You can see some links to press and radio coverage.

Brixton Market

brixton market

Location: South London
Established: 1870s
Filmed by: Stockwell Primary School
Research: Lambeth Archives
Also available on
You tube

Portobello Road Market

portobello road market

Location: West London
Established: 1860s
Filmed by: Colville Primary School
Research: Kensington & Chelsea Local Studies Library
Also available on
You tube

Leather Lane Market

Leather Lane Market

Location: North London
Established: 1710s
Filmed by: St George the Martyr Primary School
Research: Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre
Also available on
You tube

Church Street Market

Church Street

Location: Central West London
Established: 1801/1907
Filmed by: Gateway School
Research: City of Westminster Archives
Also available on
You tube

Tooting's Indoor Markets

Location: South West London
Established: 1930s
Filmed by: Furzedown Primary School
Research: Wandsworth Heritage Services
Also available on
You tube Visit the dedicated website and watch the film.
North End Road Market
An audio and photographic project made by digital:works with H&F Young Carers Project in 2005. It was the inspiration for Stall Stories.
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